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Explore the beautiful Cardamom Mountains with the Cardamom Sustainable Landscape & Ecotourism Project (CSLEP), Ministry of Environment, and World Bank’s expedition to meet the locals, and learn about the Khmer heritage, and explore the beautiful nature.

Discover the hidden gems of Cambodian ecotourism as locals showcase their adventure “Off-the-Beaten Path” into the great Cambodian natural wonders. This competition series, hosted by Ministry of Tourism, invited locals to share videos of unique eco-aspects of Cambodia.

Mystery Trips

A group of Cambodian adventurers were selected to embark on a series of mystery trips to eco-destinations around the country. Exploring the beautiful wildlife sanctuaries and nature parks around Cambodia, our explorers were taken on trips to educate them about the conservation efforts taking place to preserve the natural habitats, wildlife, flora & fauna, and to share how locals and tourists alike can help with their preservation.