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The Mondulkiri Elephant & Wildlife Sanctuary

Mystery Trips

The Mondulkiri Elephant & Wildlife Sanctuary (DanCherng)

We Adventure 

We Adventure organises nature tours rooted in ecotourism from Phnom Penh to various beautiful locations in Cambodia. They believe that by exploring and traveling, we are led to unexpected places that leave you with great memories. Visitors are ensured a friendly environment, great experience and will be pushed outside of their comfort zones.

Mondulkiri Elephant Valley Project

The L.E.A.F community elephant sanctuary, was established in 2015 to aid the retirement & protection of working elephants in Mondulkiri. There are only 41 domestic elephants left in the province and owners are constantly pressured to sell their elephants to tourist elephant camps in Siam Reap. The ethical elephant retirement program currently sponsors the full care in freedom of 5 Cambodian domestic elephants, recently freed by the team from intensive labour in illegal logging, farm work & tourist ride industry. 

Day 1

Our explorers from DanCherng Adventures head out for their mystery trip, not knowing that they will soon be exploring the amazing Mondulkiri Elephant & Wildlife Sanctuary. Team Leader Vannak Nheb is accompanied by his group of fellow explorers Nong Bopha, Kang Sokhaphirom, Ean Sren, Sochenda Hai, and Srey Brak as they start the day sharing breakfast together before arriving at their mystery location.

Day 2

There is nothing like a beautiful morning hike through the Cambodian rainforests to awaken your senses. The adventurers were taken on a trip through the sanctuary to understand the project goals, and the significance of protecting the wildlife and habitats.

The adventurers were given the chance to shadow the elephant’s indigenous care takers, and watch the majestic animals interact out in the wild.

As the group made their way back, they were treated to a stop at the Sanctuary’s natural river pool for a cool down! This area serves as a space for the elephants to shower and play throughout the day.

Day 3

Lang Ang Lang Khen Waterfall- Ou Reang, Mondulkiri Province

Another beautiful morning hike led our adventurers across the O’tey River where an indigenous Bunong guide lead the group through the beautiful rich forests to explore the flora and fauna, to reach their destination- the impressive Lengkun Waterfall, standing at 30 meters high. The waterfall is hidden between the hills and grassy fields, located approximately 26Km Sen Monorom town, and 4Km from the main road.

Our adventurers ended their final day hiking back through the rainforest, exploring the caves, and experiencing the numerous indigenous jungle farms to get an understanding of the Bunong agricultural systems and local crops that are grown in the area.