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Knong Phsar

Mystery Trips

Knong Phsar (Solo Landscapes)

An eco-tour operator founded in 2019, Solo Landscapes was incepted by a passionate group of individuals with the goal of promoting 22 eco-destinations, including Koh Kong’s natural beauty and wetland habitats. Aimed at helping tourists and nature lovers interact with nature meaningfully, the tour guides actively support sustainable ecotourism initiatives through educating people on the rich biodiversity, and wildlife, enforcing ‘Leave No Trace’ practices, whilst stimulating conservation jobs for the local community.

Day 1

Embarking on their trip to explore the vast Koh Kong province, our enthusiastic bunch of travellers, business entrepreneur PITOR, Youtuber Pheng Rathanak, TikToker Chalat Chor Neary and Dy Chansreymom started their day with a hearty breakfast at Kampong Speu before heading to their next stop, Kirirom National Park.

vKirirom Pine Resort

Surrounded by the lush pine forest within Kirirom National Park, our travellers visited the eco-resort vKirirom Pine Resort to partake in a treetop adventure, where they put their bravery to the test and nimbly walked across pine trees.

Day 2

Leaving the eco-resort and setting their sights on the Knong Phsar Village, the tour guides took our adventurers on a journey around Vkirirom National Park. 

Day 3

Otasek Waterfall

A hidden gem located in the Kirirom National Park, our adventurers took a dip in a small rockpool and cooled off with a swim.

Knong Phsar Mountain

Next stop, they took a breath-taking hike up the hilly Knong Phsar mountain, a large mountainous area surrounded by Kampong Speu, Koh Kong and Pursat provinces.

Learning more about Cambodia’s biodiversity from hiking in nature.

Day 4

Knong Phsar Mountain

Over the last two days, our travellers had set up their tents and a campsite in the vast wilderness of Knong Phsar and Knong Sampov.

Knong Phsar Summit

On their last day of the trip, our adventurers took a 30 minute hike to Knong Phsar Summit, where they caught a panoramic view of the sunrise.