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Cardamom Tented Camp

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Cardamom Tented Camp (SOLO Landscapes)

Solo Landscapes

An eco-tour operator founded in 2019, Solo Landscapes was incepted by a passionate group of individuals with the goal of promoting 22 eco-destinations, including Koh Kong’s natural beauty and wetland habitats. Aimed at helping tourists and nature lovers interact with nature meaningfully, the tour guides actively support sustainable ecotourism initiatives through educating people on the rich biodiversity, and wildlife, enforcing ‘Leave No Trace’ practices, whilst stimulating conservation jobs for the local community.

Cardamom Tented Camp

The concept for Cardamom Tented Camp, which is a three-way initiative between The Minor GroupYAANA Ventures and Wildlife Alliance, grew from the need to have a sustainable tourism development project – a mandatory requirement for holding the Eco-Tourism, Eco Lodge and Conservation Concession – granted in 2009 by the Royal Government of Cambodia. Through strong collaboration with the nearby Trapeang Rung Commune and the extensive guidance of Wildlife Alliance, guests have the chance to undertake ranger-guided hikes and fieldtrips into the lowland evergreen rainforest during which they will learn how to track animals, set up and evaluate camera traps, as well as monitor and evaluate the park’s natural resources. 

Day 1

Cardamom Tented Camp 

The dawn breaks and our adventurers leave Phnom Penh, first by van and then on a peaceful boat ride along the Preak Tachan River to arrive at Cardamom Tented Camp site, where they were greeted by their host Allan.  The team spent the day familiarising themselves with the area, enjoying the beautiful eco-activities such as kayaking, swimming in the river, and taking in the breath-taking nature of the Botum Sakur National Park, where the camp is located. Weary from their day of exploring, our adventurers took their eco-lodging to rest for the night! The Cardamom Tented Camp site provides accommodation that ensures that the human footprint on nature is minimised.

Day 2

After a restful night at their beautiful eco-lodging, the team woke up and set out for the day to Preak Tachan Ranger Station where they got the spend some time enjoying the scenery while kayaking along the beautiful river. The team hiked both ways from Preak Tachan and back to the campsite, taking in the conservation efforts by the Cardamom Tented Camp team, learning about their ongoing support for Wildlife Alliance, how they work with the local communities, and how visitors to the area can support the non-profits hard work in preserving and protecting the environment. They also got to learn more about the incredible wildlife in the area, even getting up close and personal with some of parks native critters!  

Day 3

The adventure continued on day three, as our eco-explorers were up bright and early to continue exploring the beautiful grounds of Botomsakor National Park. The team were treated to a ride on the camp’s 70-metre zipline across the Preak Tachan River. Truly an exhilarating moment for the group! Once across the river, the team were taken on a boat ride to experience the full extent of the park; to take in the incredible beauty, and fully understand the need for strong conservation efforts to protect Cambodia’s natural landscape. With the day ending, the team headed back to Phnom Penh with a new understanding and love for their Kingdom of Wonder.